At Melbourne Sauna’s, our primary goal is to ensure a safe and inclusive environment where
everyone feels respected and protected from discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation.
We are committed to fostering a friendly atmosphere that welcomes individuals of all attributes
including but not limited to age, gender, background and sexual experience. We note that our
inclusion policy focuses on creating an inclusive space for all visitors and promoting understanding of
specific events and days dedicated to certain groups.

We welcome members of the LGBTIQA+ community to join our friendly environment. During your
visit, we kindly request that you show respect towards fellow patrons, staff members, the facilities, and
the overall venue. At Melbourne Sauna’s our objective is to provide a safe, clean, and sex-positive

Please note that we occasionally schedule specific days or events catered to particular interest
groups or private functions. On such occasions, we may recommend that you attend on an alternative
evening. Rest assured, our intention is to maintain a secure and friendly environment where like-
minded individuals can connect, build friendships, and, if mutually desired, engage in consensual
adult activities. Should you encounter any form of discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation, or
anti-social behaviour, we strongly encourage you to notify any member of our team.



Before entering our venue, we want to inform you that nudity and consensual sexual activity may occur within our premises. We urge you to consider this beforehand and exercise your discretion.

All individuals are more than welcome to enter, as we strive to create an inclusive environment. However, please be aware that we do host events tailored to particular interest groups. On such occasions, you will be advised upon entry of the event. If this event does not align with your preferences or may cause discomfort, we kindly suggest reconsidering your entry at this time.

We take pride in being an LGBTIQA+ friendly venue and have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination.