To make your visit as pleasurable as possible, we ask that you take a quick glance at the following pages to familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct.

We’ve developed this code to ensure that all our patrons experience the one thing that we strive really, really hard to achieve… A fun and safe venue for you all to enjoy.

So whether it’s your first time, or whether you consider yourself “one of the regulars”, we ask that you follow these simple rules and guidelines. Feel free to chat with our team if you need any help.

When you’re done reading, pop your belongings in your locker, grab your towel and perhaps a drink…

Now… Relax, explore and ENJOY!

“No Thanks” means “No Thanks”

If you have trouble with this concept, we’ll be glad to explain it to you. If you encounter someone who is having trouble understanding this concept, please advice a member of staff immediately.

Share public spaces respectfully

Treat others as you would expect to be treated. Demeaning, pushy, forceful and abusive behaviour is NOT acceptable.

Respect each persons space

Under no circumstances will following, lurking or stalking be tolerated in the venue, particularly within the play area. Unless otherwise asked, respect the space of everyone in the venue.

No loitering in corridors

For the privacy and comfort of those in the play area, we ask that you do not stop or loiter within the play area. Enjoy the porn lounge, the social area or the wet area.

No Clothing in the play areas

No blocking the passageways

No heels on the bed

No intimidation or arguments

Closed door policy – No knocking, peeping, forcing open or climbing the doors.

We ask you not to stand near closed doors, wait near the closed doors or otherwise try to engage with those in a room with a closed door. RESPECT other peoples space.

No sexual activity in the spa

For health and hygiene reasons, we ask that you do not engage in any sexual activities while in the spa.

No mobile phones or recording equipment in the play area

Absolutely no mobile phones or recording equipment in the play areas. In addition, no photography in the venue whatsoever.


We have a strict policy of serving alcohol responsibly. Please keep in mind that excessive amounts of alcohol and high temperatures do no mix well. Remember to drink in moderation. 

Prohibited substance possession

Possession, consumption or trafficking of any illegal substance is strictly prohibited. If we find that you have broken this, you will answer to the authorities.

Safe sex

Take home a steamy memory, not an STD. Condoms and water based lube is provided for your safety.

Security – SCANTEK

For your safety, we have implemented the SCANTEK security system to ensure that any troublemakers can be permanently removed from the venue. Please note ID is required for entry. (Please see Below for more information on SCANTEK).


Lockers are provided for you to safely store your belongings whilst on the premises. PLEASE DO NOT LOOSE YOUR KEY. Not only will your belongings be at risk, but a $40 replacement fee will be issued for the replacement of the key and barrel.

Failure to respect this code of conduct will result in you being asked to leave the venue. Failure
to leave the venue when asked will result in you leaving under police escort.

We’re constantly striving to make your visit a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Whilst our staff are continually trying to make this happen, they can’t be everywhere at once. Please help us by informing staff if you witness breaches of this code. The sooner we are made aware, the sooner we can act! Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


This system requires you to provide us with a valid form of Photo ID (which will be scanned) along with a face pic to gain entry. The entire scanning process should take about 3 seconds. These details are retained on file by Scantek for a period of 28 days. If no incidents are reported and there are no exclusions by management within that period of time, these details are automatically deleted. This is in line with the length of time most states require venues to keep their CCTV footage to allow ample time for victims to come forward in the case of any incident.


All patron information is securely stored and can only be viewed by specified accounts with the highest level of access to the Scantek Manager Interface. Activities of account access are also logged for review if necessary. Your privacy is a very high priority to us.

In addition, all staff have been issued an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), therefore all information obtained by the SCANTEK system cannot be shared. 

Protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.